Tuesday, 21 February 2017


I've been going to yoga classes over the past year which I have surprised myself by really enjoying! At the end of each session we say a farewell greeting 'Namaste' so I thought what better name to call my latest quilt as indeed I use it for cover when we are relaxing at the end of a very productive hour!

I wanted to make something speedily......and this was completed over a weekend. Yes honestly! 6inch squares are easy enough to piece together but it's the quilting that takes the time and as I'm an old fashioned girl who still likes to hand quilt I decided to 'tie' the layers together instead. But to add a little interest I made double sided discs of fabric using a cotton reel as a template.....ironed two different random pieces of fabric together using double sided bondaweb.....cut round the 'pattern' using pinking shears and completed the quilt by sewing a 'disc'  to each corner of the 6inch squares (on the back) using full six strands of embroidery floss. Easy peasy and effective!
I feel inclined to make two more single bed quilts in this style to adorn the twin bedroom in our bed and breakfast (morgansbedandbreakfast.co.uk for anyone who wishes to have a peak at us!)
Hopefully I will post something again soon. It has been a while after all!!

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