Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Makka Pakka's Quilt

Florence's quilt is now well on the way but my next project is a wee quilt for Makka Pakka. Poor Makka Pakka looks cold lying in his new bed. I'm busy collecting fabric now for this project which will include  pillow and sheets. This you understand is not for me but my 21 month old granddaughter! Tan tro nesa. (till next time)

Monday, 5 March 2012


Helo pawb (hi everyone)
Yep, Florence's quilt is now 'on the hoop' at last. Having rushed to layer the quilt together to take on holiday to The Trossachs (beautiful) in Scotland so that I could peacefully fill my evenings quilting away, well - no chance. All that fresh air doesn't half make you tired in the evenings - or could that be the additional half glass of wine (hmmm!)
Keep it simple. That's my motto for lots of things but as this quilt is bright and busy , simple diagonal lines are all that's required. So it won't take me long now. Watchout for the finished article!. Have two projects in my head at the moment. I'll let you know what they are in my next blog   Tan tro nesa (till next time) I tell you -  Welsh lessons don't get any easier!! but it's all good fun