Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Festival of Quilts 2012

Went to the Quilt Festival or should I say Festival of Quilts in Birmingham in August  and saw some great quilts. The standard just keeps getting better all the time. However as a hand quilter I was a bit disappointed in the evergrowing numbers of machine quilted pieces. I view handquilting as a very personal statement in quiltmaking but thats just me. Rather than leaning or standing at a longarm sewing maching what could be nicer than snuggling up with your quilt on the hoop on a chilly day while watching your favourite programme on the box!
So here are a few snapshots of things that took my fancy -  either  innovative or quirky or just the colours or texture or just jawdroppingly gorgeous.
As to other things I've been doing...........
I have also made a few more little rabbits and hares so might try selling them locally if I can think of a reasonable yet realistic price for them.
As for the purple quilt - well I didn't think I'd have this amount of  head scratching trying to work out quilting patterns but a trip to my qyilting friend Dilys soon put me on the right road. Sometimes you just need to talk your concerns out loud!! Hopefully my next blog should shoe some progress in its assembly. I've just ironed 400 x  2.5" squares made up of joined triangles!
Tan tro nesa