Thursday, 3 December 2015

So simple, so effective

so why can't I produce something like this!! Bought this lovely picture from a friend at a textile Fair recently. Just have too share it with you. Navy blue quilted background. House...natural linen. Love it.

Friday, 16 October 2015


For some time now I have been attempting to make cushions to add to the decor in our guest bedroom. I love linen. That's a start. I'm enjoying embroidery again too so there's another plus. But what to to? The end result is so simple but satisfying. I copied a pattern from some fabric I had by tracing the pattern using baking parchment, gluing it on to pieces of card to then cut the templates (see below). I then traced round the templates on to my linen using a water erasable pen (brilliant!). Simple stem stitch completed the shapes. The cushion was completed using a strip of patterned fabric n the back. Not that I'm mean but the linen was a bit 'tight' so the fabric strip helped!! I was so chuffed I made another!

Sunday, 20 September 2015


I have the great fortune to be surrounded by lovely friends. This was brought home to me when a few of us met up last week for a 'Workshop' Mandy Patullo style. A mixture of excitement buzzed around the room as the five of us dived into baskets of scrap fabric to make our 'birds'. We were superbly guided by Janet who made it all sound so easy and relaxed. And d'you know was. We chatted and stitched and ate cake all day. We shared moments of laughter and sadness. The power of fabric to bond people should never be underestimated. We had a ball. Here is some evidence of that below in picture form. This is my first bird but I don't think it will be my last. I have a notion to do a pheasant next. We'll see!
We had guests staying this weekend and we sent them off on a walk up Penycloddiau. They haven't stopped raving about it. They did not realise the depth of beauty in the area. Come see and stay with us at and find out for yourself. (we have a new updated website!)

Have a great week wherever you are

Saturday, 5 September 2015


Here's  a picture of my 'kit' that I purchased at the Festival of quilts earlier this month. It's by Janet Clare, one talented lady!
 It was so easy to construct but instead of machine sewing I handstitched the birds. I don't trust my free machine sewing yet! I loved making it so immediately made another,  Finished size approx 12" x10". See you next time.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Festival of quilts NEC Birmingham

Spent a lovely day with friends last week at the NEC absorbing pattern and colour and fabric and ideas. Great. If there was one quilt that hit all the buttons for me it was this miniature quilt below. It has given me colour inspiration for a quilt I'm about to embark on for my nephew and his fiancées wedding quilt
I also bought a 'kit' for heavens sake!! By a great maker of lovely things...... Janet Clare. I spent a lovely afternoon yesterday making it and I'm so chuffed. I'll show you that in my next blog so keep watching.....

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Vintage quilt

So this is the picture of my bargain bagged recently on a trip to Amersham. It's very frayed but I love it to bits for that. I'm guessing it's post ww2. A bargain at £20 don't you think?

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

This and That

Hello again
This.......So the Trilogy is finally finished and takes pride of place in the porch to welcome our guests( I'm really pleased with the outcome.

That.... Making good progress with my hexagon quilt. I love the washed out hues of blues. I've completed 12 lozenge shapes so far. No idea of the finished size yet! I think this one will be called 'Cwtch' as that's  what it will be used cwtch under when feeling cold or poorly!

Spent a few days with some friends in Amersham recently. Whilst there we pottered around some lovely shops including an antique emporium where I bagged a bargain. Will show you next time so hang on in there!


Monday, 13 April 2015

Number Three

Well at last this is the final of my trilogy. Very bright and striking for that reason. I made a similar smaller one for my granddaughter couple of years ago and I just liked the punchy look of it. Made using the foundation method (machine stitched over paper) it was a breeze to make. Again all fabric was randomly chosen from bags of so reluctant to throw out the smallest of leftovers.  What is it with me! Anyway hope you like it. Next blog I hope to introduce my hexagon quilt. This is something I've always wanted to tackle and I'm loving making it.....

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Outside The Box

Having been an avid quilter for more years than I care to remember I have never strayed beyond  classic designs and colours until this past couple of years. Let me tell you I'm loving it but  I do lack confidence sometimes in pushing myself 'out there'!
This little quilt below is the second of my trilogy. It's around 30" square. Old shirts and blouses feature as well as new fabrics. It is called 'Outside The Box'

Monday, 2 February 2015

Whey hey!

Well ......after a long absence here I am again blogging about my quilting activities. Just couldn't work out how to do various bits and pieces on my iPad but am sorted now so let's not waste time!
I have just finished making three small quilts....all about 30" square. This one is called Tall Ships and is a very traditional quilting pattern. I love the soft colours but my choice of fabric left a lot to be desired. HINT.....when using linen be prepared for some bad language and frustration! It stretches! Originally this quilt had a border but as it stretched to form lovely waves (in keeping with the title of the quilt of course!) I abandoned that idea otherwise it may have ended in the bin!
Another tip don't be afraid to use the 'wrong' side of fabric. I'd bought the binding recently at a quilt fair thinking the colour matched ....which it did. It wasn't till I got it home and unfolded it that I realised the reverse side was even nicer! Of course it doesn't work with all fabric but with those it  does its just a bonus.
Next time I'll show quilt number two......but keep watching as I have a plan with what to do with all three....dum dum dummm!