Saturday, 2 April 2016 happy

There's  a wee quilting/fabric shop on the isle of Anglesey called Copperfields and once a year there is a massive sale there. I say wee and I mean wee (being the Scot that I am!) The whole shop is no bigger than my garage but stuffed floor to ceiling with fabric and yarns! Fab. This is an annual day trip  for myself and a few friends. Spending money on fabric followed by a lovely pub lunch. My kind of day!! So I bought a pack of pre cut squares(not like me) (and other fabric for my stash!)and made them in to a couple of cushions. I embellished them with a little stitching.
Here are the end results. I stitched 'be happy 'on one and 'smile'on the other. The quilting pattern is a series of radiating circles. A bit of fun. Now gracing my sofa.

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