Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Memo Block Quilt for Makka Pakka

From this - take one bag of scraps

To this - take sheets sheets of memo block (you know those cubes of paper that you doodle on when talking on the phone!). Draw a simple pattern numbering 1 to 4. Randomly choose fabrics and using the pattern, sew 2 to 1 then 3 to 2 and finally 4 to 3. This is called the 'foundation method' where you sew fabric directly on to the paper as described above. It's a bit difficult to explain but it's a fairly accurate way of piecing a quilt. I'm sure if you google it there will be a better explanation than my ramblings!!

To this - all pieced and sewn together

An finally to this - with the border on. Makka Pakka is going to be one lucky.....  em not sure what it
is really. How about 'soft toy!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Florence's finished quilt

I think the title says it all! Off to Manchester this afternoon to deliver quilt.
Have started sorting out fabrics for Makka Pakka's quilt which I think I'm going to name  'The Note Block' . My next blog will explain!
Mae'n  wlyb heddiw !(it's raining today) Miserable for a Bank Holiday Monday!