Monday, 21 November 2011

On the hoop!

This is the aspect  of  quiltmaking that I love best - quilting - for me it brings a quilt to life. From 2D to 3D if you like. Making the quilt top was not as straight forward as I had hoped. Stitching 128 blocks together is not without problem Accuracy is the key! And I'm not sure my skills handle that very well but hey ho the end result looks quite acceptable I think. As I say to my quilting friends -  minor imperfections add to the quilt's charm!! When I have finished I'll post a blog of the finished product. Look out for the back aspect. I've used some leftover sraps to take away some of the plainness. Still thinking of the quilt title.......Tan tro nesa (till next time)

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Mum's Colour Palette

Helo pawb (hello everyone)
I've had great fun (ask Janet) piecing together this next quilt!! Getting the 'spread of colour' right caused me headache but in the end like so many things in life, it's all a matter of confidence! So here's the palette I have chosen. There are 128 differnt fabrics mostly from my own stash but contributions were gratefully received from friends too. I have been beavering away with the sewing machine piecing it together and hopefully I will finish that in the next day or two so look out for my next blog....Nos da (good night). Welsh classes going well!!
You might like to look at Janets website. She is a very talented quilter and painter.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Razzmatazz finished result

Well this is the end result. Must admit Im really pleased with the outcome. Started on the next quilt which is for my mother's Christmas. Good job she doesn't 'do' computers otherwise there wouldn't be much of a surprise now would there! Look out for the colour palette in my next blog Now that I am a trifle more efficient on the computer you may not have to wait so long either!! Tan tro nesa (till next time as they say in Welsh!)

Monday, 19 September 2011


I can't believe how quickly I've pieced this quilt together! From a simple idea to completed top in 6 days (in between looking after our B&B guests!). It was great to do. The random effect works well I think. The only constant is the 1" border around each center piece, oh and of course the finished block size which is 9". I'll show you the finished article later. My daughter is hoping it will be a picnic quilt !!At the moment I'm about halfway through quilting - just loving it. I'm also busy collecting fabric for my next project which will be a lap quilt for my mother. My challenge to start and finish it before Christmas!
 Off tomorrow to Plas Bodegroes near Pwllelli  Take a look at  Will let you know how many pounds I gain! Till we meet again......

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Know your onions

So much for a picture of our new chickens (bit of a crisis story there!) or a quilt but as yesterday was such a glorious day we decided to lift the onions. Can't believe how many weve got hanging out to dry! This picture just represents about a quarter of our haul. Not bad for beginners I say!
 As for quilts - yes I have started on another 'quick' quilt which I think will be called' razzamatazz' for obvious reasons -  when you see it!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Our little feathered friend

So you might say 'what's this got to do with quilting?' And of course the answer is 'nothing'! but I thought it such a cute picture worth sharing. What a  difference a quality camera makes.This was taken with a Sony SLR camera (set on automatic) which I borrowed from a friend . This little chick was waiting to be fed by its mother. The woodpeckers have been a delight in our garden this year. Talking of feathered friends my next blog could possibly be one  with pictures of our other new family of 'rescued chickens' which are settling in nicely......or of course it could be a quilt! Watch this space!

Friday, 8 July 2011

Kirsty's birthday quilt

Well that wasn't a very good start now was it - no blogs between April and July! - but now with a little bit of guidance on uploading photos  - watch this space! This photo is of a quilt I made this year for my daughters birthday. It raised a few eyebrows amongst friends as I am not known for doing 'brights'. This is as vivid as it gets. Made up from brick size rectangles - what could be easier - and it was easy. I just drew in the turquoise colour from the quilt in the edging to tie it all together. You can get a better view of this quilt if you look at my  gallery page on our website which is  Next installment coming soon.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Is there anybody out there?

Hello fellow quilters
I cant tell you how nervous I am doing this as this is my very first attempt at blogging. However I'm sure things wil get a little easier as time goes by.So to start off here's a picture of the very first quilt I made in 1992.