Thursday, 12 February 2015

Outside The Box

Having been an avid quilter for more years than I care to remember I have never strayed beyond  classic designs and colours until this past couple of years. Let me tell you I'm loving it but  I do lack confidence sometimes in pushing myself 'out there'!
This little quilt below is the second of my trilogy. It's around 30" square. Old shirts and blouses feature as well as new fabrics. It is called 'Outside The Box'

Monday, 2 February 2015

Whey hey!

Well ......after a long absence here I am again blogging about my quilting activities. Just couldn't work out how to do various bits and pieces on my iPad but am sorted now so let's not waste time!
I have just finished making three small quilts....all about 30" square. This one is called Tall Ships and is a very traditional quilting pattern. I love the soft colours but my choice of fabric left a lot to be desired. HINT.....when using linen be prepared for some bad language and frustration! It stretches! Originally this quilt had a border but as it stretched to form lovely waves (in keeping with the title of the quilt of course!) I abandoned that idea otherwise it may have ended in the bin!
Another tip don't be afraid to use the 'wrong' side of fabric. I'd bought the binding recently at a quilt fair thinking the colour matched ....which it did. It wasn't till I got it home and unfolded it that I realised the reverse side was even nicer! Of course it doesn't work with all fabric but with those it  does its just a bonus.
Next time I'll show quilt number two......but keep watching as I have a plan with what to do with all three....dum dum dummm!