Sunday, 20 September 2015


I have the great fortune to be surrounded by lovely friends. This was brought home to me when a few of us met up last week for a 'Workshop' Mandy Patullo style. A mixture of excitement buzzed around the room as the five of us dived into baskets of scrap fabric to make our 'birds'. We were superbly guided by Janet who made it all sound so easy and relaxed. And d'you know was. We chatted and stitched and ate cake all day. We shared moments of laughter and sadness. The power of fabric to bond people should never be underestimated. We had a ball. Here is some evidence of that below in picture form. This is my first bird but I don't think it will be my last. I have a notion to do a pheasant next. We'll see!
We had guests staying this weekend and we sent them off on a walk up Penycloddiau. They haven't stopped raving about it. They did not realise the depth of beauty in the area. Come see and stay with us at and find out for yourself. (we have a new updated website!)

Have a great week wherever you are

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