Saturday, 1 September 2012

Harriet Hare

So, here we are, the 1st of September and over a month since my last blog. I suppose I have the excuse of running a Bed and Breakfast and the summer months are our busiest times but, no matter, let me introduce you to Harriet hare. I made her over an evening and the following morning so that wasn't too bad. Harriet will sit in one of our guest bedrooms - lucky girl! (how ridiculous. I am talking about a stuffed toy!!)
Went to the Festival of Quilts last weekend and saw some awsome quilts. Will post some of my favourite bits next time. I'm also going to Harrogate tomorrow for another quilting 'Do' so my purse is at the ready! I have been collecting shades of purple (subtle shades of course!) for my next quilt but still need a couple more. Can't wait to start. So lots of piccies to come. Watch out. Tan tro nesa. Kate

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