Sunday, 22 July 2012

Kirsty's First Quilt

The scene is set - we have guests staying for B&B. My daughter (Kirsty), her partner and our gorgeous two year old granddaughter are staying for 6 days. My son and his girlfriend come up for the week-end. In the middle of all this my daughter says "Mum I'd like to make a quilt. Can you show me how?" Swallowing hard I say "No problem. We'll have a go when Cerys has her daily nap!" So, 5 sessions later my daugher proudly takes home with her a small quilt which is 'on the hoop' ready to quilt! Getting the quilt to that point was no mean feat so I am very proud of Kirsty's first attempt. I reckon she's a natural but there again I am her mother!! In the rush to leave we forgot to take a photo so she sent me this from her iphone.

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