Friday, 22 January 2016

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending an informal workshop on 'free machining' with a few quilting friends. We had a great if somewhat exhausting day. Most importantly though my sewing machine and I became good friends.
I have always been wary of lowering the 'feed dog' and throwing away(not literally) the sewing foot to experiment with free machining. I wasn't good enough. It wasn't perfect. But do you doesn't matter. I can't draw. It doesn't matter. There are ways and means and that's what I learnt yesterday. So vroom vroom away I went stitching around my traced picture( that's why you don't need to know how to draw!) and then we 'coloured in' by using acrylic paints within the framework of our picture. Amazingly the paint does not 'bleed' beyond the stitched lines! Then we did more stitching on top...such fun. I think I was exhausted because I was really absorbed over a long period of time. Anyway here's a few piccies.  Mr Fox is the completed 'work of art' and the practice piece is....well the practice piece!
Have fun. Till next time......keep stitching.
Mr Fox

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